Is there going to be increased liability when hiring someone with a criminal background?


In fact, a criminal background is a special category, similar to race or gender, that cannot be discriminated against during the hiring process!  Just as it would be absurd to increase liability because of the number of ethnic minorities hired, it is illegal to increase liability due to a criminal background.  Liability has to do with the task being performed and not who is performing it.    


Will I have to get special insurance or pay special taxes if I hire an ex-offender?

Nope!  Anyone you hire with a criminal background will be just like any other employee that you hire.  Their background will have nothing to do with insurance and will not incur any special taxation.  


Am I supporting crime by hiring an ex-offender?

No!  Quite the opposite!  In fact you are contributing to the solution!  Providing real, tangible, opportunity to Jobrise candidates who want to turn their lives around will help reduce the rate of recidivism and start putting money back into places and communities that desperately need it!

Crime actually costs taxpayers like you money through court costs, incarceration, and parole and probation.  The more time someone spends in “the system” the more our economy has to suffer.  The more people with criminal backgrounds can work and earn a reputable living, the better off the individual and all of our communities.


What happens if there is workforce drama?  How will I handle that?

You should handle it just like you would any other issue in the workplace!  Every employee brings a unique story into the workplace and sometimes those issues boil over.  No one would expect you to handle any disciplinary matter involving a Jobrise employee in a special way.  


How will I know if someone is qualified if they have served a prison sentence?

It is important to remember that a person’s qualifications don’t change because they have served a prison sentence!  At Jobrise we do all the heavy lifting for you to ensure you receive qualified candidates, 100% of the time. One thing we try to make very clear—we ARE NOT a temp agency. Our candidates go through a 3 round interview process, send both professional and personal references and complete pre-employment assessments. A Jobrise candidate will be qualified, guaranteed.


What sort of current experience do Jobrise candidates have?

We work with candidates across every single industry. If you are looking for a specific set of experience, then we will go an actively recruit the perfect candidate. One thing we also promise about every Jobrise candidate is that they have demonstrated their total dedication to their re-entry from incarceration.  This comes in the form of community service, professional development and network development.  


What happens if a Jobrise candidate doesn’t work out?  What if I have to fire them?

In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to fire a Jobrise candidate, we trust your best judgement.  If the candidate is still under the auspices of Jobrise we will file all necessary paperwork and perform all necessary duties.  Our Director of Talent will follow up with to ensure all necessary and proper duties have been performed and that the transition away from the Jobrise candidate goes as smoothly as possible.  


What if I really like the Jobrise candidate and want to take them on full time?

By all means!  Please do!  That is wonderful news and congratulations on your new hire!  Jobrise’s best practices suggest allowing the candidate to finish their employment under Jobrise auspices to maximize your cash flow.  If you would like to transition them to full time prior to the termination of their Jobrise employment, please contact Jobrise President Daniel Stinson at  

Who is responsible for insurance? Workers compensation?

During their employment with Jobrise, we are responsible for both insurance and workers comp.