Jobrise: A Smarter Way to Staff


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Direct Hire Placements

Our highly trained executive search staff will personally find you the most qualified and best fit candidate for your organization. GUARANTEED.

Contract Staffing

Would you like to try before you buy? Or perhaps just need to staff up for a big project? We’ll cover the payroll and make sure you have as many top-notch candidates as you need.

On-Demand Labor

Finding day laborers who show up on time and with a professional attitude is nearly impossible. That is, until Jobrise. We have a waiting list a fantastic candidates waiting to join your project for as long or as short as you need.

Our Process

Typical staffing agencies are like a mill: they  find candidates via keywords on resumes or online profiles, put them through a cursory background and interview process, then shuffle them over to you. Speed and volume are the primary drivers, so depth is often sacrificed.

JobRise is different. Candidates start by going through our unique vetting process that takes a holistic view of the skill set and the person. The efficiency of our process and the quality of our candidate pool means we don’t have to sacrifice speed.

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, as the employer, it’s business as usual. They work for you, like any other temp-perm employee. For JobRise, the work is just getting started.


96% retention rate

Our 96% employee retention rate didn’t happen by accident. Two things make Jobrise unique. Our candidates, and our process. We intentionally recruit qualified ex-offenders, we don’t hide from that, in fact, it’s our calling card. Often overlooked because of their past, through Jobrise you will have access to an almost entirely untapped talent pool of exceptional employees who are uniquely motivated to provide the highest caliber work. You want engaged employees? Give someone a second chance. We focus on the individual. We focus on skills, emotional intelligence, and character. Rather than scanning a resume for keywords, we take a holistic approach to the candidate vetting and support process.